Our ETF Strategies

Our ETF strategies seek to profit from global growth while surpassing market index returns and lowering overall risks

Beyond FX

We concern ourselves with trading systems beyond the Forex market. In order to diversify our investments we have decided to go into ETF strategies which bring us unprecedented diversification, allowing us to trade outside of the FX market with capital requirements that are still reachable (10 K USD). Through ETF strategies that represent instruments with a positive bias (bonds and stocks) we intend to retain the possibility of high yearly returns while having a lower risk profile compared to the FX market.

Simple yet powerful

Our ETF strategies are based on ETF rotations that attempt to capture momentum across the world markets while retaining the power to move towards bond instruments in times of crisis. This means that the strategies are able to maintain a healthy profit to risk profile across many different market conditions, allowing for a potentially significant improvement over the long term return of single market stock indexes. Our ETF strategies allows portfolios to be adequately and frequently rebalanced to target the best opportunities while maintaining adequate hedges.

Custom Software

Our Kantu ETF Rotator is a unique piece of software coded exclusively within the Asirikuy community (available on Windows and Linux) that allows you to perform your own ETF rotation strategy simulations with free data which is automatically downloaded from Quandl or Yahoo (you can also use your own data if you wish). The software allows you to easily get the historical statistics for different ETF rotation strategies, also letting you perform different modifications (such as different instrument scoring algorithms) to gauge their effect.

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