Our FX Methodology

Our FX trading methodology is the result of years of research and software development. Giving you a sound, clear and concise approach to trading the FX market.

Clear and Concise

Our trading methodology for FX trading is extremely clear and easy to follow. The methodology is based on the continuous generation of trading systems through data-mining and the elimination of systems from live trading through automatically detected worst case scenarios determined by a clear and simple statistical model. This means that you know exactly when a system should be removed from trading and you also know exactly which system you need to add in order to replace it.

Powerful Data-mining

Trading systems are generated through a powerful data-mining approach that uses the power of the GPU (through openCL kernels) in order to test millions of potential strategies and find those that have the historical characteristics that are desired for live trading. Data-mining is carried out by an array of community members through a cloud-based approach, giving us even more computational power. The final systems obtained are extremely simple price action based strategies that are designed to be psychologically easy to trade, highly stable and have very limited market exposure.

Sound Statistical Basis

Our methodology puts statistical soundness above all other criteria. Our data-mining efforts are adequately tested for data-mining bias and all systems that are finally used for live trading have a very low probability to come from randomness. Generated systems are also tested for broker-feed dependency against two different historical data sets to ensure that positive results are robust. an In addition all systems generated fit a precise statistical model that makes the automatic detection of worst case scenarios very easy. In the end you have reliable, highly stable systems (25 year backtests) that also survive across two different historical data sets.

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