Our Community

Our community was founded in 2010 and joins hundreds of traders from around the world. Our objective is to develop an understanding of the market that allows us to develop novel and efficient ways to generate profit with limited risks.


Our community discussions are usually carried out within the forum. The asirikuy forum contains discussions about new trading techniques (like machine learning), strategy generation techniques (like our data-mining software implementations), programming, live execution, virtual private servers, brokers and many more. The forum also serves as a primary means of support for new/experienced members where problems can be shared and quickly addressed.


Our community also has implemented a wiki in which all the main instructions for setting up our software are located. By using the wiki you can access written material as well as videos that will guide you through the developments that are going on within our trading community. The wiki also contains tutorials for programming in F4 and step-by-step instructions for the installation of our different software solutions. Within the wiki you’ll find information about using our software for live trading, back-testing, data-mining, etc.


Our community’s main source of strength is collaboration. Although developments are carried mainly by the community’s leader (Daniel Fernandez), members are welcome to collaborate with software development, testing or simply with the sharing of new ideas for implementation. Currently we have several projects were different members are contributing. Our Forex trading system generation efforts using GPU based community data-mining is a perfect example of how our community can come together to advance much faster than any individual member ever could.

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