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Our wiki contains tutorials, videos and instructions that will allow you to better understand how to use our trading software, implement our trading methodologies and code your own strategies.

The F4 framework

Get access to our F4 programming framework, the NST (New Strategy Tester) and the Asirikuy Trader. You will get the full source code for these software implementations.


Use our price-action strategy data-mining software implementations to create your own strategies for FX or other markets. Our software allows you to use GPU/CPU combinations, giving you lightning fast system generation capabilities.

Kantu ETF Rotator

Get access to the Kantu ETF rotator software that allows you to backtest ETF rotation strategies as well as obtain the ETF selection results for the current trading day.

Video Database

Access our video database containing videos explaining topics from neural networks to genetic programming and ETF strategies. Follow our history from 2009 and see how our ideas developed, which ones worked and which ones were discarded.

Analysis software

Use our analysis software to obtain detailed statistics for your MT4/NST back-tests. Calculate optimum system weights using Markowitz portfolio theory, system correlations and many other relevant statistics.

System Repository

Get Access to all the trading systems we have developed within our community plus all the systems we have developed through community data-mining. Leverage the power of a community to enhance your trading.

One-on-one Support

Get quick support answers via email or forum posts. Your problems and questions will be answered promptly and your specific needs will be addressed.

Joining Asirikuy is easy. The subscription costs 394 USD for the first year and then 194 USD for each year after that.

Please note that no refunds are provided since you get instant access to all available source code, written material and video material. Access for the first year is more expensive as it covers the initial access to all the software and material we have developed. There are no trial and/or monthly subscriptions available. Once your payment is complete you will receive all your login credentials within 24 hours.

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